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Leadership Education in Adolescent Health

Apply to UW LEAH

What are the Core UW LEAH Disciplines?

The UW LEAH includes, but is not limited to, faculty and trainees in the following core disciplines:

  • Adolescent Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Social Work

Who Are UW LEAH Trainees?

LEAH Fellows

Long-Term Trainees

UW LEAH trainees are graduate students and mid-career health care professionals who seek to become leaders in adolescent health. Each year, we recruit and assemble a cohort of top candidates in each of the five core LEAH disciplines (medicine, nursing, nutrition, social work, and psychology) to learn in a multidisciplinary environment. Diversity within our faculty and trainees enhances the training experience for everyone and is highly valued within the UW LEAH program. 

LEAH Long-Term Trainee Requirements

UW LEAH long-term trainees complete 300+ hours of interdisciplinary leadership training. Typically, the training is completed over the course of three academic quarters beginning in September of the academic year. UW LEAH training experiences include: seminars, clinical rotations, and a mentored leadership project in the areas of research, advocacy, and program development or quality improvement.  The leadership training experience is individually tailored to the interests of the trainee. UW LEAH trainees complete their training onsite at Seattle Children's hospital and within near-by community-based programs.

Trainee application requirements:

  1. Current enrollment in a relevant advanced graduate program (e.g. Masters degree or higher in nursing, social work, or nutrition), OR

     2. Completion of:

           - Ph.D. in Psychology and completion of an APA accredited internship

           - Medical residency in an adolescent-related health field (e.g. pediatrics, family medicine)

           - Graduate level training in nursing, social work or nutrition

    3. The LEAH program requires that all funded trainees have U.S. citizenship

How to Become a UW LEAH Long-Term Trainee

  1. Review the application deadlines and requirements outlined above to ensure applications are open and that you meet the necessary requirements. Deadlines appear on the UW LEAH homepage.
  2. Complete and submit an application.
  3. If there are any questions, please contact the UW LEAH Program Manager at who can assist you with connecting to the designated faculty lead for your discipline. 

UW LEAH faculty screen all applications and conduct interviews with potential trainees to assess their potential for success both during the program and as a leader following program completion.

Certificate Training, Research Mentorship, and Other Training Experiences 

The UW LEAH program offers select opportunities for shorter term training and dedicated research mentorship on a case-by-case basis. We also offer the opportunity to complete a Certificate of Advanced Competency for interested graduate-level trainees or practicing professionals. For further information about these training opportunities, contact